Dr. James M. Keagle

Deputy Director, Center for Technology & National Security Policy; Director, Emerging Challenges Program

James KeaglePhone: (202) 685-2530
Email: Keaglej@ndu.edu
Areas of Expertise: Asia-Central; Eurasia; Western Hemisphere; Defense Policy; Intelligence Policy; International Organizations; Science and Technology; Spanish

Dr. James M. Keagle is the Director of the Emerging Challenges program at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University. Prior to this position, Dr. Keagle served for nine years as the National Defense University’s Provost (effective 2004) and Vice President for Academic Affairs (effective 1999). Prior to these positions, he served as a professor of National Security Strategy at NDU. In that role Dr. Keagle worked as a research faculty member assisting with NDU’s modeling and simulation and work with interagency education and training.

Accepting an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy, he graduated 2nd academically in his class in June 1974. Following graduation, he went to the University of Pittsburgh to complete his Master’s of Arts degree in political science and earned a graduate certificate in Latin American studies (1975). After a tour as a munitions maintenance officer, Dr. Keagle went on to become an assistant professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In 1980, he went on to Princeton University where he completed both a Master’s of Arts degree (1981) and Ph.D. (1982) in politics. He proudly notes his honorary Ph.D from the Military Technical Academy of Romania–the only United States citizen so honored. Following his extensive education, Dr. Keagle’s next six tours were political-military assignment that included direct access and interaction with Cabinet-level government officials on national security related matters.

These assignments included work for two Combatant Commanders as a senior strategist; for the Office of Secretary of Defense pertaining to Cuba; Deputy Director, Office of the Secretary of Defense Bosnian Task Force; and for the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force in International Affairs as Senior Strategist. Military. For the last two years he has led multiple NATO and Defense Education Enhancement Teams to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Montenegro.

Since leaving military service, Dr. Keagle has held the position of adjunct professor at a number of institutions to include: Syracuse University, American University, Central Michigan University, Catholic University, University of Colorado, and Lake Superior State College. He also holds an honorary professorships with Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania, as well as the Mongolian Defense University–again, the only American so honored. Dr. Keagle and wife Kay are the proud parents of three adult children.


  • Project Leader: Addressing Big Data, Social Media, Deep (and Dark) Webs through Innovative Approaches
  • Project Leader: Defense Education Enhancement (DEEP)
  • Project Leader: Developing Intelligence & Info. Sharing Initiatives That Can Be Sustained by Partner Nations
  • Project Leader: Emerging Challenges
  • Deputy Director: Improving Sustainable ISR for Partner Nations
  • Project Leader: Research Cell at NDU to Support DIA
  • Project Leader: Sense-Making and the Big Data Challenge
  • Project Leader: Social Media and the TPED Process