Philip StockdaleMr. Philip Stockdale, Deputy Director – Operations
Mr. Stockdale leads and manages innovative, performance based “challenge” projects that focus on providing immediate, low-cost, and sustainable services to U.S. troops and partner nations.




Emerging Challenges

James Kadtke

Dr. James Kadtke, Expert Consultant and Special Adviser on Converging Technologies 
Contact:; 619-507-1433
Dr. Kadtke is a theoretical physicist and a consultant to the government on policy and research in the defense, technology, innovation, and homeland security areas. He is currently the Special Advisor on Converging Technologies at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, and is also a consultant in the Washington, DC area focusing on emerging technology, organization foresight, and innovation, and their effects on future economies, governance, and international security.


Ita Lochard

Dr. Itamara Lochard, Visiting Senior Research Fellow 
Dr. Itamara Lochard specializes in information operations, cyber policy, NATO and UN operations with a particular focus on strategic communications, irregular/hybrid War, non-state groups, and crisis management. She chaired a three-year panel for Alliance doctrine development via NATO HCOE, developed NATO CoE-DAT’s first terrorist’s use of cyber course in 2007 and trained pre-ISAF deployment troops for NATO at NRDC-T. She took part in the first three years of EUCOM-funded mil-mil CNO familiarization exercises in Estonia and Georgia  and was the founding commander of the first U.S. civilian cyber defense unit. She received a medal of honor from the Estonian cyber defense forces.


photo of Dr. Diana LuanDr. Diana Luan, Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Luan develops engagement strategies for partner nations using disaster preparedness and public health as core themes.




Larry WentzMr. Larry Wentz, Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Contact:; (703) 801-3696
Mr. Wentz is a telecommunications expert whose research frequently takes him to harsh environments to assist populations under stress, such as Haiti and Afghanistan, or to serve as an advisor for senior U.S. and allied commanders.



Life Sciences

Paul BartoneDr. Paul Bartone, Senior Research Fellow
Contact:; 202-685-3407
As a military research psychologist, Colonel (Retired) Bartone’s research has focused on understanding and measuring resilient or “hardy” responding to stress, identifying underlying biomarkers for resilience, and applying this knowledge to improve selection, training and leader development programs.



Jean ReedMr. Jean Reed, Faculty/Distinguished Research Fellow
Contact:; 202-685-2503
Mr. Reed leads several ongoing studies on the potential U.S. responses to unforeseen chemical and biological hazards. These efforts build upon his long and distinguished career as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical Biological Defense and Chemical Demilitarization (DATSD(CBD/CD)) and senior professional staff member on the House Armed Services Committee. Mr. Reed has over fifty years of combined federal civilian and military service.


James ValdesDr. James Valdes, Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Contact:;; 410-671-1396
Dr. Valdes is the Center’s foremost expert on biotechnology and synthetic biology, and the recipient of a number of prestigious rewards for innovation and scientific excellence. In addition to his research at CTNSP, he works as the Army’s Scientific Advisor for Biotechnology, a Senior Professional position.


Science and Technology

Joseph Lawrence IIIDr. Joseph Lawrence III, Distinguished Research Fellow
Contact:; 202-685-3590
Dr. Lawrence’s research focus is primarily on Science and Technology (S&T) transition policy issues as they affect the Department of Navy and, more broadly, the Department of Defense.



Staff_RambergDr. Steven Ramberg, CNR Chair, Distinguished Research Fellow
Contact:; 202-685-3578
As the “Chief of Naval Research Chair,” Dr. Ramberg provides analysis and advice on S&T topics and policies, primarily in areas of naval relevance. He also serves as a member of the NRC/NAS Ocean Studies Board, and regularly participates in studies, panels and lectures for NDU, the National Academy, the National Ocean Council, and others distinguished scientific organizations.


Albert SciarrettaMr. Albert Sciarretta, Senior Research Fellow
Contact:;; 703-517-2143
As an expert on advanced military technologies, experimentation, and small unit operations, Mr. Sciarretta is a key team member on the Center’s “Army S&T” project.  His efforts support the development of S&T investment strategies for enhancing Army warfighting capabilities. He has served on many NRC/NAS study committees and Army Independent Review Teams.