DH-078: Defense Partnerships: Documenting Trends and Emerging Topics for Action

Cover for DH 77By Samuel Bendett

 Key Points

  • Further integration along with a shared forum for common procedures, roadblocks, and solution sets will help inform and address public-private, public-public (P4) functional stovepiping and specialized P4 success in the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • There is a need for formal capture of enterprise-wide best practices and lessons observed.
  • DOD personnel have significant training and competency in their specific career fields, but there appears to be a need to either integrate or identify P4 subspecialties to develop P4 through the ranks.
  • Cross-Service collaboration and interagency planning, tiger-teaming, and the convening of non-DOD stakeholders with DOD counterparts will support P4s at both a project level and an enterprise level.

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