CTNSP Announces Disaster Applications Challenge Winners

(Washington D.C.) The National Defense University’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) is pleased to announce the winners for the Disaster Apps Challenge. These applications have shown great promise in increasing the efficiency and response time of the humanitarian sector. The challenge offered developers the opportunity to demonstrate their application’s value to citizens and first responders.

The CTNSP Disaster Apps Challenge first place winner and recipient of a $3,000 cash award was GovSAFE, which locates an individual, identifies their local Disaster Assistance Center (DAC), allows them to begin filling out forms, and tracks status. In second place with a $1,500 cash award is Siaga Banjir (Jakarta Flood Alert) which monitors water level conditions in the Greater Jakarta area. In third place with a $500 cash prize was the National Storm Shelter GPS Precise Map Points which helps citizens report location of available storm shelters. Along with the cash prize winners, an honorary mention will be given to Black Mamba Rescue Beacon an application that allows users to send coordinates to friends and family during a disaster.

CTNSP is a Department of Defense-funded think tank that conducts research and analysis on emerging trends in science and technology, strategic forecasting, and program assessment. The Center divides these efforts into five distinct lines of operation: Advanced Learning Initiatives, Civil Military Affairs Integration (CMAI), Emerging Challenges, Life Sciences, Science & Technology. In support of its mission, the Center delivers technical studies, program reviews, senior workshops, electronic data products, inter-agency exercises, expert consultation, and a variety of outreach activities. For more information on the CTNSP Disaster Apps Challenge, please contact LouElin Dwyer at 202-685-7284 or LouElin.Dwyer@ndu.edu .

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